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There are many ways you can donate to the Genoa Chapter of Kiwanis International.  Here are a few we suggest you consider:


  • Become a Chapter Member - $100/year

  • Buy a Yearly Fall/Winter Sports Program - $4

  • Advertise in our Yearly Fall/Winter Sports Program - $5-$400

  • Buy a Yearly Birthday Calendar - $6.50 + 1 listing; $.50 per additional listings

  • Participate/Attend the GAHS Musical

  • Buy Kiwanis Peanuts - donation

  • Enter your kids/grandkids in the Halloween Parade and the Easter Egg Hunt

  • Buy French Fries from our booth at the Genoa Homecoming - better yet, volunteer for a shift!

Below you can donate as much or as little as you want.  Whatever your donation, know that the children of the area, along with the members of Kiwanis are extremely appreciative to receive what you have shared.



Copyright 2018 Innovations Portrait Studio/
Deanna Dunn


Copyright 2018 Innovations Portrait Studio/
Deanna Dunn

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